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Vietnam Market Entry

Cập nhật:23/09/2019
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Working closely with you to support your expansion strategies

Entering a new market is a complicated process, requiring a lot of information, especially a clear understanding of the market and the competitive landscape. We offer hands-on market entry services to help our clients gain and sustain a competitive position in the Vietnam market.


Vietnam Market View

We help you understand the overall Vietnam market landscape, positioning, competitive environment, distribution practice and most importantly understand ‘customer’ needs and demand gaps. We provide you with the market research findings and strategic recommendations that are useful for your market entry decision.

Business Development

We work with you throughout a journey to build a new business, sign-up your first customer, create and refine the go-to-market strategy and accelerate business growth. We provide you the Market Opportunity Analysis, Value Proposition Analysis, Sales & Marketing Plan, Branding & Communication Materials, Product Launching & Pilot Test.

Business Match Maker

We organize a business matchmaking event to introduce you to qualified distributors. We also search, assess and facilitate meetings between you , as our client, and your potential local distributors.

Business Tour/Market Visit

We organize a business tour for you to have a direct, comprehensive experience of the Vientam market. The business tour will be customized based on your business interests; for example, visits to key retailers, customers’ homes, Government agencies in charge of investment promotion at the local, hospitals or factories etc.
We take your requirements seriously and search for locations that best match your interests. Along the way, we also give succinct information about market conditions and regulations, as well as answering your questions about business development in Vietnam markets.

Contact us now so we can submit to you our proposal and plan.

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