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Competitive Intelligence Services

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Investigate and understand your competitors to compete more effectively

Competitive intelligence helps you get a comprehensive view of the marketplace and help you understand your competitor’s offerings, their differentiation, their strengths and weaknesses, the distribution channels they use and the market’s perception about them.

You can use competitive intelligence data to benchmark your performance against that of your competitors, capitalize on opportunities in the market and defend against threats.

Our Competitive Intelligence services in Vietnam include:

  1. Competitor Profiling
  2. Mystery Shopping
  3. Social Media Monitoring
  4. Customer Experience
  5. Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  6. Channel Satisfaction (distributor/ retail) 
  7. Brand Equity Studies
  8. Ongoing Monitoring

Here is our process:

  • Defining the research scope – We start the research process by working with you to define the research objectives.
  • Developing a research plan – Based on the research definition we create a clear research plan which includes methodology selection, delivery timeline, data collection sources, resource management decision, etc.
  • Information gathering and analysis – Using primary and secondary data collection techniques from reliable sources we gather valuable competitor information and analyze it thoroughly.
  • Reporting – Based on your needs we send your management weekly or monthly intelligence reports via emails.
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